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Stellar Strength and Wellness  
is a business that offers Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, DCT, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Private Personal Training.

Stellar Strength and Wellness  is committed to consistently putting every client first. We enjoy working closely with each client and work with elite athletes as well as people with the goal of standing up with ease.

We are  highly trained practitioners in the art of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching; Master Trainer, TRX Suspension Training , DCT, Fascial Stretch Therapy and  High Intensity Strength Training.  We design programs specific to each clients needs in order to help them achieve extremely specific goals.
Founder and Owner,  Estelle Harford, strongly believes in the facilitation of Functional Training. Which is defined as, training in a style that mimics activities and movements important to properly function in daily life. The practice of Ki-Hara aligns with these beliefs, and is completely customizable. This type of training allows one to function at a consistently higher level. In turn, resulting in less injury and  significantly less pain.
Estelle Harford has quickly become known as Chicago's premier "Integrative Stretch Therapist." Stellar Strength and Wellness focuses on program design that allows complete customization. Regardless if your goal is weight loss, rehabilitation through resistance stretchingmuscle tone and definition, overall increases in flexibility or reduction of pain, Stellar Strength can help.

Estelle also incorporates very intricate fascial line release in her work as well. Fascia is finally getting the medical recognition it deserves. She has seen incredible skeletal (shoulder, knee, ankle) realignments from her targeted work with fascia. 
Resistance Stretching is best defined as using both concentric and eccentric (flexion and extension) movements while "flexing" the muscles against the gentle force of a certified trainer. As a certified Master Trainer, Estelle will move your body through all planes of motion while you "resist" against her. By resisting while moving, you have the ability to protect your joints, and eliminate the probability of over-stretching. When working this way, you are strengthening and stretching the muscle in one, explosive movement. By truly increasing flexibility one can prevent injury while building muscle.

Stellar Strength and Wellness believes that training clients in the privacy of their own homes eliminates any intimidation that many people seem to feel is a deterrent for visiting a traditional gym. However, if that isn't how you like to work, we are operating out of a space as well. 

Estelle has experienced firsthand the incredible benefits from Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, and Fascial Stretch Therapy and is amazed every single day with the advancement of her clients.  She sees clients with a multitude of concerns, ranging from Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Neck, Back and Shoulder problems, Migraine Headaches, Knee pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromialgia, and many other conditions. She also works with elite Ironman athletes, Ironman Kona athletes, marathon runners and professional athletes.

"Everyone should have the tools available to positively take responsibility for their health and impact their life in a positive direction. We should not feel overwhelmed by the information. We should all be able to live as pain free as possible" says Estelle. 

Stellar Strength
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